Face in the Crowd

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Face in the Crowd
Give three examples from the film which illustrates the concept of ethos and ethics in connection with LR and Marcia. LR in some part of the movie had ethos but he never had ethics. In his relationship with Marcia he had ethos in the begging of the movie when he was in the jail singing and talking using his great charisma of speak. In addition, he lost the Goodwill with her when he lies about his first marriage, and when he marries betty-lou while he engaged to Marcia. Moreover, he doesn’t have ethical with her because of many reasons such as he lie and cheat on Marcia. He never respects her and he forgets how much she helps him. In the other hand, Marcia is a good person has ethos and ethics. For example, Marcia help LR to be famous, she always being honest to him, and she forgive him many time. in the end of the Movie Marcia prove how much ethics she have when she let the audience hear what LR think and talk about them. Pick out three other characters of your choice and describe how they illustrate the concept of ethos and ethics. (At least two examples are needed here). Daplamer is one of the major characters of the movie but he don’t have the concept of ethos and ethics in his personality for example, he take advantage about what happened between LR and Mr.Lufler and he goes against Mr. Luftler’s job ( he was office assistant for Mr. Luftler). Another example make him non ethics, he slept with LR wife and make a deal with her without telling LR. Another Character is Betty lou she does not have ethics because she accept to marry somebody who do not have ethics (he use her to be more famous). And she cheating on him and make a deal with Daplamer( LR agent). The best characters and personality is Mil Miller because he have the concept of ethos and ethics for example, he is a writer with a strong personality and great Charisma. Moreover, he is honest with Marcia and he supports her and loves her for real. Did...
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