Fa Music 2520 Lecture 9

Topics: Hip hop music, Run–D.M.C., Rapping Pages: 16 (5654 words) Published: June 20, 2013

– First house hold name in rap is RUN DMC
– Significant because they changed it for a lot of artists – RUN DMC picture on the far right is Jam master Jay (belated DJ for run DMC), person on the far left is Joseph Simmons aka RUN of RUN DMC, MIDDLE is Darryl mcdaniels aka DMC – 1ST few songs were 12 inch singles before they were on albums – Sometimes 2 singles on 1 album

– Later on you put it on the LP
– Greatest group in the history of hip hop based on historians – They’re the 1st rap group to get a gold plaque
– Whodini (escape) was platinum album because it was the first time a RAP album sold a million copies – This title however, is shared because RUN DMC shares this title – Not sure who ACTUALLY got it

– As far as rappers starring in MTV, they were the first RAPPERS to be on MTV – First household name serving over 2 generations
– If you look back in the 80s, they were the ones that ruled the 80s – Back then they were so young and naïve when our prof interviewed them – RUN DMC is from queens
– If you have money this is where middle class black people live – Run dmc was a group that helped prove that hip hop can come from areas other than south Bronx and still thriving – Kurtis blow went to college and russell simmons

– RUN and as well as D went to university thats like #3 and #4 for sure based on the history books – The youngest person in the group is RUN
– RUN aka JOSEPH hes in school (kid at this point) Russell simmons is in NY as a promoter, developing, finding himself as an industry maverick but while managing kurtis blow, he brought kurtis blow to RUNS house (parents house) and they just chilled out and had a good vibe – And this is what led to the chemistry that let run joining kurtis blow – DJ run was the son of kurtis blow

– Fast as a exploding bullet, my son run ? QUOTE
– He stopped djing cuz he broke his arm
– In his heart, even though run was a DJ he always wanted to be a rapper – At age 17, Russell brought his little brother into the recording studio to start making records – Run had never seen this before, it was like his world just opened up – He was also in his last year of school

– One of the things that was SIGNIFICANT that gave an advantage was that he TOURED with kurtis blow so he brought back his set tapes of shows they did live, and hung out with this dude that did comic book sketches Darryl mcdaniels (friend of Russell) – So run is kinda doing Darryl a favor cuz not a lot of ppl brought stuff – Run went to Lagurdia community college and studied mortuary science – Darryl mcdaniels AKA DMC attended st.JOHNS university – And that’s apparently kinda cool cuz not a lot of ppl brag about going to university in their raps – So one day run convined D to work together and perform on stage with him (remember this is the time where theres only 1 or 2 rappers not a lot of major rappers) – Kurtis blow was the only major label mercury he got signed to – The character of this guy D according to RUN he was a hardcore b-boy dude, he didn’t like radio friendly rap and shit – There was another guy that was even more hardcore, he had equipment he was a legit DJ and his name was Jason MIZEL aka DJ JAM MASTER J. this was the 3rd person to perform (well first album he wasn’t officially part of the group, framed him as a paid musician, 2nd album he was official) this explains why in one of the album pics hes not in there ? – 1983, theres about to be a kind of division with new school and old school THIS IS SIGNIFICANT – And run DMC would be one of the groups that their sound and message would be the same, lot more hardcore but when RUN dmc just shifted EVERYTHING – First double single 12 inch “its like that” profile records is the home record – Even though they sound hardcore, their msg is in the beginning very conscious and...
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