Expo 67

Topics: Expo 67, Lester B. Pearson, Montreal Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Culture: Expo ‘67
The Expo 67 was a Category One World’s Fair which was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from April 27, 1967 to October 29, 1967. It was considered one of the most successful world’s fair of the twentieth century with the most attendees; 50 million visits and 62 participating nations. This world’s fair was not originally supported in Canada due to the high costs but the determination of Jean Drapeau (Montreal’s Mayor) allowed the expo to take place. This event was significant because it allowed the chance to show what Canadians were capable of doing and presenting it worldwide in the Expo. It is still considered to be one of Canada’s finest cultural achievements. The total revenue was $221,239,872, costs of $431,904,683 and a deficit of $210,664,811. Key People:

Lester Pearson: The Liberal Government took power in 1963 and has made significant progress on the construction and the board of directors that were appointed by the Conservative Government had to resign. Pierre Dupuy: He was appointed by John Diefenbaker has the Commissioner General and his main responsibility was to attract other nations to build pavilions at Expo. Robert Fletcher Shaw: Dupuy’s ‘right-hand’ man and was a professional engineer and builder and his management group was in charge of creating, building and managing Expo.

10 Facts:
* The Soviet Union’s exhibit was the most popular pavilion with over 13 million visitors. * 62 nations participated.
* Opened on April 27 and closed on October 29, 1967.
* Costs were 2 times more than the revenue which caused a deficit of $210,664,811. * Expo 67 was going to go to Moscow in the vote but the Soviet Union cancelled it so Montreal was allowed to host it. * Celebrated Canada’s 100th birthday.

* A 30 day transit strike caused the loss of about 10 million visitors. * 4th best expo after Osaka, Paris and Shanghai
* First expo in Canada
* Expo express line was built for the expo and many...
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