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Topics: Distillation, Solubility, Solvent Pages: 4 (922 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Final Organic Study Guide: Be able to develop an Experiment Beginning to End * Find a good reaction
* Good reaction is defined by high yield, green chemistry (less waste, less harmful chemicals) * Reaction found on Reaxys
* Find MSDS Sheet for all Compounds (Reactants, Products and Side Products) * It is important to know what you are working with
* The toxicity category numbers are there to gauge how toxic the chemical is, 4 being most severe and 1 being least. * Safety, no exposed skin, always wear gloves, Wear long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes, and goggles, always work 6 inches inside the hood, cover chemicals when transporting between hoods, report any accidents immediately, use Aspirator when solvent is Organic, Use Vacuum when solvent is Aqueous, neutralize all acids and bases for cleanup and disposal * Write the Mechanism!

* Nucleophile- Donates an electron pair (nucleus loving) * Electrophile- Accepts an electron pair (Electron loving) * Draw out every Arrow
* Carbon must ALWAYS have four bonds
* A catalyst must always be regenerated
* An aromatic ring must always end aromatic!
* Remember to write out all charges!
* Mechanism is important to safely assemble an experiment, if a product or solvent is going to evaporate remember to attach a condenser * Is a catalyst needed? Is there already a strong nucleophile and electrophile present in the system? - Define what is strong and weak. (Strong electrophile is positively charged nucleophile is negatively charged Nitrogen and Oxygen with lone pairs are GREAT nucleophiles even better when charged) * Purify the Product

* What purification technique will be used?
1. Recrystallization- Purify a crystal. Find a solvent that dissolves the crystals when boiling, and recrystallizes when cool. (The same solvent should not dissolve it when cold). A crystal is extremely organized,...
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