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Topics: 2004 Summer Olympics, Summer Olympic Games, Olympic Games Pages: 5 (1109 words) Published: February 1, 2013
System Test
Name; ______________________________
Class: _________________
Date: ___________

General Instructions
1 Do not open the booklet until you are told so.
2 Answer all questions with pen.
3 Do not leave any unnecessary blanks.

Type Booklet| Marks|
Booklet A| /50|
Booklet B| /50|

Total Marks Given:/100

Booklet A
1 Answer all questions.
2 Write your answer in the brackets provided.
3 Time limits: 20 minutes

Section A (MCQ) - Choose the option (1, 2, 3 or 4) and write its number in the brackets provided. 1. Find the sum of 123 and 144.
(1) 265(2) 266
(3) 267(4) 268()

2. When Mum was cooking in the kitchen, the telephone _______. (1) Ring(2)rings
(3) Rung (4)rang()

3. Which of the following systems are applied when you jog? A. Skeletal system
B. Muscular system
C. Respiratory system
D. Circulatory system
(1) A only(2) A and B only
(3) B only (4) All of the above()

4. Find the product of the first common multiple of 3 and 4. (1) 12(2) 144
(3) 24(4) 0()

5. The kettle is coming near the __________.
(1) Boiled (2)boil
(3) Boiling(4)None()
Section B
Grammar Cloze (1) ------ (/10)
(A) in| (D) on| (G) is| (K) into| (N) by|
(B) to| (E) at| (H) all| (L) and| (P) other|
(C) for| (F) of| (J) that| (M) with| (Q) because|

Carbon dioxide is the gas largely blamed for global warming. It has reached record-high levels (1) _______ the atmosphere after growing (2) _______ an accelerated pace in the past year, say scientists monitoring the sky from the 3km-high Mauna Loa Observatory atop a Hawaiian volcano.

The reason (3) _______ the faster build-up of the most important greenhouse gas will require further analysis, experts in the United States government say.

Carbon dioxide, mostly from burning (4) _______ coal, petrol and (5) _______ fossil fuels, traps heat that otherwise would radiate (6) _______ space.

Global temperatures increased (7) _______ about 0.6 degrees Celsius during the 20th Century (8) _______ international panels or scientists have concluded that most of the warming probably was due (9) _______ greenhouse gases.

The climatologists forecast continued temperature rises (10) _______ will disrupt the climate, cause seas to rise and lead to other unpredictable consequences.

Grammar Cloze (2) --- (/10)
A) an| D) to| G) on| K) for| N) than|
B) should| E) then| (H) would| L) which| P) all|
C) that| F) and| J) a| M) them| Q) every|

According to historic records, the first Olympic Games can be traced back to 77BC. They were dedicated (1) ___________ the Olympic Gods and staged (2) ____________ the ancient plains of Olympia. They initially had a religious character and combined a number of ancient sporting events, many of (3) ___________ were based on ancient Greek myths.

The ancient games actually occupied (4) ____________ important position in the life of our ancestors. Participants came to participate from (5) _____________ corner of the Greek world, aiming (6) ____________ the ultimate prize - an olive wealth and a "heroic" return to their city.

The year 2004 marked the return of the Olympic Games to the country of its birth. To celebrate the Games' history (7) ____________ heritage, the Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay would unite (8) _____________ Olympic cities across the five land masses represented by the Olympic rings.

The in international journey of the Olympic flame spanned 35 days, covering a distance of more (9) _____________ 78000 kilometers. More than 36000 torchbearers (10) ____________ pass the flame in cities across the globe. The flame would visit every city that had been host to the Summer Olympic Games, bringing with them the light and joy of the Olympic celebration.

Vocabulary Cloze (/10)
(A) alighted| (B) anxious| (C) board| (D) dawned|
(E) experience| (F) fell| (G)...
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