Exam in Child Growth and Development

Topics: Reproductive system, Pregnancy, Puberty Pages: 7 (1544 words) Published: February 27, 2013
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I. Identification:

1. ________________________refers to the changes that are directional, leading forward rather than backward. 2. ________________________ is the development or unfolding of traits present in the individual from his hereditary endowment. 3. ________________________is the result of the activities of the child himself 4. ________________________ method uses two or more groups with identical characteristics; one group is given training while the other group is not. 5.________________________is the rate of development that occurs during the pre-natal period and continues throughout babyhood up to the first 6 years 6.________________________means that the control of the body as well as improvements in the structure itself develops first in the head and progresses later to regions farthest from the head 7. _______________________ is the most important of all the factors influencing development 8.________________________ affects the size, general health condition and the maturing age of the child 9.________________________ period extends from conception to the time of birth, roughly nine calendar months or 280 days. 10._______________________extends from the age of two weeks to approximately two years 11. ______________________is the fertilized germ cell consisting of the male and female cells 12. ______________________ is the transmitter of the hereditary traits 13. ______________________is the life-giving part of the cell within the cytoplasm 14._______________________are the reproductive organs where the maternal and paternal germ cells develop 15. ______________________are the female gonads which produces the female germ cells-ova 16.______________________is the process of maturing and escaping from an ovary of one ovum during the menstrual cycle 17.______________________ is the developmental sequence that starts from the center to the peripheral segments of the body 18. _____________________ is a cell with one- half its usual number of chromosomes 19. _____________________ extends from the moment of conception to the end of the second week 20. _____________________ is one of the three germ layers; produces the epidermis of the skin, hair, nails, parts of the teeth, skin glands, sensory cells, and the entire nervous system II. Match column A to the pool of answers in column B. Write the letter that corresponds to the correct answer in the blank provided.

a. miscarriage g. matched group methodb. maturation h. cutaneous sensitivityc. babyhood i. Rapidd. umbilical cord j. infancye. tubal pregnancy k. amniotic sacf. pre- natal period l. early childhood|

______1. This is the connecting link between the embryo’s abdominal wall at one end and the placenta at the other. ______2. This is the water jacket or bag in which the embryo is protected from possible injuries until the time of birth. ______3. This is a spontaneous abortion brought about by natural causes as distinguished from induced abortion brought on by instrumentation either illegally or for therapeutic purposes. ______4. This begins in the oral-nasal region, involving the mucous membrane of the nostrils and the red of the lips. ______5. This is the condition when the ovum remains in the Fallopian tube and attaches itself to the wall of the tube after it has been fertilized. ______6. This is the rate of development during the pre-natal period that continues throughout babyhood up to the first six years. ______7. This...
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