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“High and Mighty: The Dangerous Rise of the SUV” by Keith Bradsher: Introduction:
1.Why is the safe image of SUV’s an illusion?
They roll over too easily, killing and injuring occupants at an alarming rate, and they are dangerous to other road users, inflicting catastrophic damage to cars that they hit and posing a lethal threat to pedestrians. 2.What have manufacturers’ market researchers decided?

That millions of baby boomers want an adventurous image and care almost nothing about putting others at risk to achieve it. 3.What has this resulted in?
Unusually tall, menacing vehicles like the dodge Durango, behemoths, gas guzzlers. 4.What loopholes in government regulations were automakers able to exploit? When the U.S. imposed safety, environmental and tax rules on automobiles in the 1970’s, much together standards were set for cars than for pickup trucks, vans and off road vehicles that have since evolved into sport utility vehicles. 5.What automotive safety issue intensely captured the nation’s attention? Rollovers from Ford explorers equipped with firestone tires that failed. 6.Why are SUV’s dangerous to other motorists?

The height and width of the typical SUV make it hard for car drivers behind it to see the road ahead, increasing the chance that they will be unable to avoid a crash, especially multi-vehicle pileup. 7.Why are SUV’s less safe than cars?

The stiff truck-like underbody of an SUV does little to absorb the force of collisions with trees and other roadside objects. Its size increases traffic congestion, because car drivers tend to give sport utility vehicles a lot of room, so fewer vehicles can get through each green light at an intersection. Their truck brakes take longer to brake than of cars. When they hit pedestrians they fuck them up. 8.Why are SUV occupants at higher risk for paralysis?

9.What is the only thing more frightening for traffic experts than a bad driver behind the wheel of an SUV? A bad driver behind the wheel of an SUV with failing brakes and maintenance problems. ie: A used SUV being resold to a teenager, when the car is already 10 years old. 10.How are SUV’s a problem for the environment?

Poor gas mileage, CO2 emissions, global warming, smog. All much higher than cars.11.Why are the gains that automakers made with fuel-economy eroding? The rise of SUV sales. Car companies like Chrysler make shitty non-fuel efficient cars that haven’t improved gas mileage in 30 years. 12.What accounts for the 3000 needless deaths every year as a result of cars being replaced by SUV’s? SUV’s kill the same amount of people each year as the amount of people that died in 9/11. Rollevers, car crashes, glare from headlights, just people who drive SUV’s suck at driving and they are killing themselves and other people. 13.How does the terms “network externalities” explain the rising sales of SUV’s? 14.What has a big chunk of automakers’ ad money gone towards? Ads

15.Why does Bradsher think that the claim in Escalade advertising that “It’s Good be a Cadillac” is false? They make things that we don’t need, instead they focus on the wrong ideas. To be a Cadillac is to be a mediocre car with a 3/5 star rating ie: 60/100 is still failing. 16.Why is the Escalade’s advice to other drivers to “Yield,” good advice? It has so many amenities, it is basically saying move out the way, we are coming through whether you like it or not. 17.What is the key to how automakers have made enormous profits? Take parts from a $20,000 truck, and change it a little, use the same parts and call it an Escalade and sell it for $50,000. 18.How long will automakers continue to make SUV’s?

“If pigs are big and popular, I guess we’ll make pigs” Reptilian Dreams:
1. What did Rapaille become convinced of when he applied principles of psychological research? A person’s first encounter with an object or idea shaped his or her emotional relationship with it for life 2. What are the three levels of brain activity?...
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