Exam 1

Topics: Immune system, Antibody, Carpal tunnel syndrome Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Chap 19 inflammation &immune response
1. The client has a chronic disease in which the process of “self-tolerance” is deficient. You should expect the client to demonstrate which alteration in immunological function? *is at greater risk for tissue damage from autoimmune disease 2. Which statement comparing inflammation and infection is true? *inflammation occurs in response to tissue injury or to tissue invasion and infection is always a response to tissue invasion 3. How are the actions of inflammation and the actions of cell-mediated immunity different? *inflammation provides immediate but temporary protection against pathogenic microorganisms 4. Which of the following manifestations or processes of inflammation is caused by increased capillary permeability? *Swelling

5. In reviewing a client’s laboratory report of white blood cell count with differential all of the following results are listed. Which laboratory findings alert you to the possibility of an acute bacterial infection ? *total white blood cell count is 19000/mmm3

6. What is the purpose of complement activation and fixation? *Allowing antibody-mediated process to assist neutrophils and macrophages in phagocytosis of invading microorganisms 7.How are antibody-mediated immunity and cell mediated immunity different? *antibody-mediate immunity involves cell products (antibodies) that attack invaders and cell mediated immunity requires direct cell to cell interactions to attack invaders 8. The client who has many serious health problems has just been exposed to hepatitis B. Because this client might not survive an infection at this time, he is given human gamma globulin with high concentration of antihepatitis antibodies. What type of immunity will result from this intervention? * artificial acquired passive immunity

Assessment of the musculoskeletal system
1.Which statement regarding bones and their structure is true? *after puberty, bone reached its maximal growth
2. Which of the...
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