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Silver star year end function
VENUE: The Gallagher grill at the Midrand Gallagher Estate

Seeing that Gallagher is centrally located between Pretoria and Johannesburg and provides secure parking I decided to choose this venue. Gallagher is conveniently positioned in the business hub of Gauteng and most staff members stays in Pretoria and Johannesburg and it will make life easier for them to travel back home after the function. It is also surrounded by beautiful gardens, the english rose gardens, the wooden Koi Deck, because companies need dynamic environments to host year end functions and location plays an important role in motivating staff and creating the right impression. The venue also offers catering as food is important to guests and I want good quality food for my guests and they also offer alcohol since guests would like to unwind after the event. The venue already has all the necessities like tables, chairs, visual equipment.

2.Based on the event brief, identify two main goals in details sentences that this event will aim to achieve.

2.1The main goal of this event is to show the staff how much the Company appreciates their hard work that they have shown through out the year.


1.Come up with three completely unique and different theme concepts to suggest to the client. Use the five Senses format as in the manual and the practical exercises. 3.1The unique and different themes I chose are :-

3.1.1Musical style
3.1.2Halloween party
The preferred theme is the Masquerade because its something different, its cost effective since you don’t have to go ll out and but an outfit but you can rent,

Event:Silver Star Consultants Year end Function

Theme: Masquerade

Sights:Red carpet from the entrance of the hall for VIP guests

As guest arrive the media is taking pictures of our VIP guests with their partners

The Agreement documents are on top of the round table next to the big vase full of rainbow color of flowers representing the theme of the event with shining glitters.

Photo corner whereby Paparazzi is taking pictures for guest while they arrive to the venue and the best dresser male and female.

My round tables are clothed with Blue and Orange colors with white and blue plates and napkins

Sound:French café music playing in the background as guests are walking down the aile, getting settled.
Attached pictures for your reference.

Applause and crowd cheering as guest arrive with

The announcer has announce my guest as they arrive to the venue by their names and their designation in a loud speaker Touch:

In my round seated tables the overlay from different texture, but blue and orange colors with a little bit of white and back

Cloth napkins placed attractively in the largest wine glass.

The heavy clothes for dripping is white, blue and orange colors with shining small globes dropping down from the material Smell:
The event place smells different from different dry flowers.

Pleasant smells from the scented candles sounding tables

The smell of platters, desert
Tastes: Expensive French champagne e.g. MOET

Flood flavours that are rich and tantalizing on the palate.

2.Identify which one of the three theme concepts you just proposed the client has chosen and give reasons why this theme idea suits the client’s needs the best

2.1The choseMy theme is “ Mixing Western and Traditions” I have chosen this theme, because it’s relevant to my event as I’m doing their Launch Dinner after they work so hard to make sure that small enterprises can now start to do global trade without any challenges. 3.Discuss in details why it will be important for you to keep in regular contact with this client throughout the event management process. Also list the elements that you will discuss during these clients meetings in details.

5.1 to have continues contact with...
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