European societies

Topics: Black Death, Social class, Feudalism Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Chapter 4: European Societies (1300-1600)

Activity 1

1. The Black Death killed one third of the total population of Europe. In 4 years it is estimated to have killed 20 million people. Many of the working class died therefore leading to labour shortages and workers demanding for a wage increase. When demands weren’t met, there were peasant revolts. It also affected the church, as people started to doubt its power to save them from the disease.

2. No, I am a firm believer in democracy and I am against the feudal system as it creates an even bigger divide between the rich and poor. It also creates a hierarchy and those at the bottom are completely dependent of those at the top. However those at the top like Kings and Nobles rarely cared about the welfare of those at the bottom. Also Kings passed on their supposed god given right to rule to their children, that specific King might have been good but his children might be appalling rulers and society can’t vote for somebody who does have the ability to rule. It is ignorant to say that one group of people are better than another just because of the family they are born into.

3. .Based on a form of payment know as fief
.Economic System based on land
.Political system based on a hierarchy of power
.Based on a class system
.Accepted that Kings and Nobles were entitled to their status and privileges and inherited these at birth

4. The Black Death was a bubonic plague, a deadly, infectious disease carried by the fleas on rats. Victims died almost immediately and symptoms included swelling beneath the armpits and in the groin and falling over while talking. Hundreds died day and night and were all thrown in ditches. Doctors would wear masks so as not to breathe in the deadly air and to carry their various herbs in.

5. The main features of Feudalism is the Kings and Nobles who receive all the wealth and rule over the lower classes and the lower classes that work the land to feed the country and...
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