Ethl102l prescribed notes

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ETH102L Prescribed Book



Everyone has it
Everyone has some talent that is stronger than someone elses Talent does not equal intelligence/ knowledge/ skills/ specific abilities Talent starts with genetic inheritance
Unique patterns of personality/ temperament/ behavioural traits play a big role in who we are/ become Always work on your students’ strengths not their weaknesses.

MYTH 1 :All learn in the same way

Each personal learning / thinking / working style is a style conducive to the person, & however comfortable they are doing the task. Each has a different way of taking in info, storing, processing, retrieving & converting it into knowledge Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge, he came up with his relativity theory by imagining a ride on a moonbeam.

MYTH 2 :Intelligence is fixed at birth & accurately determined by standard IQ tests

Skills measured IQ are not all the skills a person possesses which constitute intelligence Only 20% of intelligence is analytical, 80% constitute all other intelligences. All people have individual strengths.

Goals strengthen strengths & correct weaknesses.
Excellence must be broadly defined.

MYTH 3 :There Is only 1 form of intelligence

There are many forms of intelligence / traits/ talents that a person possesses Howard Gardener mentions 8 types
An educator should help learners choose a field of study that matches learner’s talent.

MYTH 4 : Intelligence is inherited

Need : Nature (inheritance) + Nurture(development through environment, experience, & culture) = to gain intelligence Born with traits & propensities for learning & specific talents Home, schooling, living environment is vital to develop those talents you were born with, & to build new sets of skills & abilities.

MYTH 5 : Intelligence = Logical / Analytical Thinking

Intelligence takes 3 broad forms a) Analytical
b) Creative...
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