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Topics: Ethics, Utilitarianism, Human Pages: 4 (741 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Reflection Paper – When did you change morally? What was it? 2 pages. Due Wednesday 2 Quizzes in the next two weeks

Consequentialism Deontology Virtue Approaches * Goodness or badness of its action. * Puts a lot of pressure in term of thinking of our obligation * Utiliterist * Is happiness should be what we be after? * Whats a good? * Pleasure, Flourish, intellectual life * Think about policy of actions, principals, etc. * | * Trying to form a secular morality. * Attempt to be completely neutral| * | * | * | * |

* Benthum – granddaddy of utilitariasm
More intense is better
Thought this view was the silent views of people. Doesn’t privilege everyone pleasure as such. What is the consequence of action? Measure impartially as whole which will benefit the most people. There is nothing inherently right or wrong. It all matters on how you achieve the greatest well being for the greatest number. Jot down for the reading for tonight, anything interesting, surprising

Hen do we have to stop considering possible outcomes.

For Kant, were reasoners.

Act in such a way, that you treat humanity always in a way in terms of what makes them distinctively human.

Virtue Ethics
* motivation
* expression
* Perception
Having certain settled disposition
Really interested in education

Arthur says that Singer forgets that we as human has entitlements (which includes rights (both negative and positive) and deserves (merit, hardwork, and excellence)

Rights – negative (non-interference) such as killing, liberty, freedom of intrusion, freedom of speech, freedom from constraint by others

He says we all the rights to have a valid claim to receive what is needed. Singer is assuming that to be a human being tis to have a kind of claim to live within human decency

For Singer, we don’t have a moral possession because of property right.

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