Ethics and Bioethis

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Ethics and Bioethics: 13.1
Ethics and Advocacy
1.) Discuss one of the elements of the International Council of Nurses Code of Ethics (page 87, Box 5-3) as it relates to the four fundamental responsibilities of nurses: 2.) Describe a situation where a nurse might feel conflicted in upholding one or more codes of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics (page 88 Box 5-4): 3.) What is the benefit of having an Ethical Decision-Making Model? These models are helpful in the decision-making process by facilitating communication between all people involved. It furnishes a pre-structured set of important key relevant points that need to be addressed in ethical cases. The models are a useful method to guide the actions taken when having to handle the complexity that accompany ethical situations. 4.) In the Application of a Bioethical Decision-Making Model, explain why the nurse should not simply tell Mrs. L that her husband is dead: There is a lot at stake here.

Discuss the ethical frameworks used when mistakes are made in healthcare settings. Describe nursing student’s ethical responsibility to report errors in the Introduction to Nursing Arts and Science Community. Health care providers have a ethical responsibility of to administer safe clinical care. Medical errors may cause serious harm to the patient as well as the provider and institution or clinic. These errors can be very expensive, not to mention stressful, cost you time, and personally devastating. Although these errors can affect anyone, it is usually the weak and helpless that is most vulnerable. Medical errors do not always create ethical problems, But the way they get handled, in some cases, poses ethical concerns. When health care agencies do not have mandatory reporting polices in place, errors are not necessarily reported or charted as they should be. Even when policies are in place this does not guarantee that when errors are recognized, that they will be reported. This...
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