Establish a Cooperative Socio Moral Atmosphere

Topics: Morality, Moral, Child Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Principle: Establish a Cooperative Socio Moral Atmosphere

Keywords/ Phrases: mutual respect, relationship, atmosphere, promote, morals, cooperation, thinking, creative, encouragement, minimize authority, safe and secure, interest, community, reflect, care, development, independently, consider child’s point of view

Reflections on Readings and Class Discussion: After reading the two articles, connecting them to the socio moral principle in a statement would be; for a child to have an established cooperative socio moral atmosphere, they need to be given the opportunity and resources in a safe environment to build and create as well as be taught positive social skills, and acquire a genuine and heart felt way to show their respect. First day of kindergarten video: The teacher did not have a classroom type D, she was very in tune with her authority over the children in the way she often told them what to do and how to do it. For example, she called the children’s attention to take roll and told the children specifically hands in your lap, eyes on me, say here when I call your name. Some children listen better while they are playing or their hands are busy which this teacher’s classroom would not take into account. Another example would be there was a teacher’s assistant who was just doing a child’s work for them, rather than helping them do it themselves. Creating Classroom Rules Video: this video was the very opposite of the first video. The teacher engaged the students and wanted their opinions and thoughts about what the classroom rules should be, but at the same time she was facilitating and not telling any child they were wrong, instead she put some ideas into new phrasing for it to make more sense. Also, the example in class about church in a heteronomous vs. autonomous relationships explains well how those who have come to see church how their parents did and it became a part of them continued to go, on the other hand those who went because they...
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