Equus Questions and Aswers

Topics: Drama, Peter Shaffer, Equus Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: June 19, 2013
1.Describe some of the major themes that are present in Equus by Peter Shaffer. One theme that can be easily seen in Equus by Peter Shaffer is sanity and insanity. We can see examples of this theme in the sessions between Dysart and Alan. The reader can see the behavior changes of Alan and as well as Dysart’s. Another theme that can be seen is freedom, when Alan blinds the horses and “frees” himself from them. Also the theme of worship and loyalty can be spotted throughout the play in Alan. 2.Explore the madness that is present in Alan Strang.

Peter Shaffer has used madness in Alan Strang to make the play more interesting and understandable. The theme of madness in the play is greatly present and explores the undefined line between evil and insanity. However, the truth is that Alan Strang, under pressure and desperation commit a horrific act of blinding the horses which proves his mental condition to not be very stable. 3.Does the tone that Peter Shaffer uses in this piece prove to be effective? Explain. I feel that the tone that Peter Shaffer has used in his play has shown itself to be very effective and correct. The tone has proven to be suitable for the appropriate audiences and I feel that the choice of this tone has made the play more effective and focusable for the reader or observer. 4.Describe the change in Mr. Dalton’s thoughts towards Alan. Mr. Dalton is a stable owner that hires Alan Strang. He is upset and furious at Alan for the blinding of his horses and feels that Alan should be in prison and not “in a hospital at the tax-payers’ expense.” However before the incident Mr. Dalton was a very friendly and happy man. He was very supportive of Alan when he was hired at the stable. 5.Look at the style of writing that Peter Shaffer has used in Equus. In your opinion has this style been effective for the play. I feel that the style of dramatic writing that Peter Shaffer uses in his work has proven to be effective for this play. In my opinion the way...
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