Equality and Diversity

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Equality and Diversity in Self‑ assessment
Guidance for Colleges and Providers

October 2009
Of interest to colleges and other providers funded by the Learning and Skills Council

Further information For further information, please contact the appropriate Learning and Skills Council office. Contact details for each office can be found on the L S C website: l s c. gov .uk. Learning and Skills Council National Office Cheylesmore House Quinton Road Coventry C V 1 2 W T T 0845 019 4170 F 024 7682 3675 l s c. gov .uk Learning and Skills Improvement Service Friars House Manor House Drive Coventry C V 1 2 T E T 0870 1620 632 F 0870 1620 633 l s i s. org .uk

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Foreword Executive Summary 1: Introduction 2: Equality and Diversity Using the terms Policy and legislation Age equality Disability equality Gender equality Gender identity equality Race equality Religion or belief equality Sexual orientation equality Educational and social inclusion Equality and disadvantage Staying on Socio-economic duty 3: Ofsted and Inspection 4: The Framework for Excellence 5: A User Focus Evaluation of learner involvement strategies Apprentices’ perspectives on equality 6: Workforce Development Workforce data collection and monitoring Attracting and recruiting from a diverse talent pool Ensuring a flexible, fair and supportive working environment 7: Supporting Practice in Self-assessment of Equality and Diversity Sources of information and support Financial support for learners 8: Enhancing practice: the Role of the Learning and Skills Improvement Service 9: Funding Body Expectations Information requirements Equality and diversity impact measures Dialogue with providers 10: Next Steps

Annexes A: Legislation and Statutory Codes of Practice B: Approaches to Provider Practice: an Example C: Examples of Evidence Supporting Equality and Diversity that Funding Bodies May Expect to See D: Full List of Action Points from the Guidance


Equality and Diversity in Self-assessment: Guidance for Colleges and Providers

The further education (F E) sector has a good story to tell in relation to the promotion of equality and diversity. When hundreds of colleges and providers came together as part of the Single Equality Scheme Support Programme, we were struck by their enthusiasm for the opportunity to share their good practice. We saw countless examples of providers taking action in ways that make a real difference to learners, from a private provider finding innovative ways to engage young parents, to a voluntary provider influencing employers to take on disabled apprentices, and a college taking a whole-organisation approach to equality and diversity. This guidance is intended both to draw attention to minimum requirements in this area and to support the sharing of best practice through effective self-assessment. When the Learning and Skills Council (L S C) and the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (L S I S) produced updated guidance on self-assessment in 2008 (see paragraph 1) there was a positive response from colleges and providers. That guidance reflected the significant changes in policy and practice that have occurred in the FE system. Equality and diversity legislation, policy and practice are developing quickly, and this guidance is a response to these developments. The information and suggested actions included here are wide-ranging. While legal and regulatory requirements apply to the whole sector, individual providers are encouraged to gather evidence to decide for themselves those aspects of practice most relevant to their own circumstances and the needs of their learners. Within this guidance the L S C and L S I S describe how good practice may be developed through effective leadership and continuing professional development. The L S C and L S I S recognise the importance of...
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