Envi Science

Topics: Statistics, Theory, Experiment Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Name: Do Dinh Trung [Trung]
Date: August 27th 2013
Title: Chapter 2 Note

Experimental Method
Science usually begin with observation => a piece of information gathered by using our senses To extend their senses, science often use tools such as ruler, microscopes … etc Hypothesis => a testable idea or explanation that lead to a investigation Prediction => Logical statement about wat will happen if the hypothesis is correct Observation => Question

Hypothesis => Answer
It is important that a hypothesis can be disproved, everytime a hypothesis is disproved it automatically eliminates a possibile explanation, thus allow a scientist to zero in on the best explanation Experiment => a procedure designed to test a hypothesis (should be designed under a cause-effect relationship) Variable => factor of interest

Two group used to test on one variable Control Group & Experimental Group Control group => doesn’t receive experimental treatment Experimental group => receive experimental treatment
Keeping careful and accurate record is essential in science. Information gathered during an experiment is data Graph are often used by scientists to illustrate relationships or trends in the data Scientist determine the results of their experiment by comparing the outcome of their experiment with the prediction. This comparison is supposed to give the scientists obvious conclusion. But the conclusion is often not obvious. Scientists often use tools to help them determine whether the differences occur within the experience are meaningful or just a coincidence. They might also repeat their experiment Even though the result from a single experiment may seem conclusive, scientists usually look for more evidence before they accept the hypothesis. This assure them about the reliability of their conclusion Scientists publish their result to share what they have learned with other scientists, they usually publish their learning as a...
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