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STUDY UNIT 1: English Language systems: persuasion and narration/rhetorical analysis


STUDY UNIT 2: Language and Meaning


STUDY UNIT 3: Register and Genre


STUDY UNIT 4:Text cohesion


STUDY UNIT 5: English language use and variation 58
STUDY UNIT 6: Academic English73




Welcome to this module, which builds on the first-level module, ENG1502, Foundations in English Language Studies. In this module we will be delving further into the English language and developing your insight into how language usage creates different meanings and effects: why the writer or speaker has chosen to use certain words, or combined them in particular ways. Increasing your critical awareness of how language is used, and for what purposes, will make you a more thoughtful reader, a more discerning listener, a less gullible consumer and a more careful writer. In general this module terms, we hope it will help you make better informed judgements in a changing social context in which language plays a dominant role in everyday communication.

The texts we use have, where possible, been taken from the South African context, but are all in English.
By the end of this module, you should be able to:
●● analyse and interpret the structure of language of selected texts in different genres; ●● explain the language system and its functions in various contexts; and ●● describe English language use and variation.

Because this module comprises ‘applied’ language studies, we want you to be able to apply the knowledge contained in your prescribed textbooks and this Study Guide in a practical way. We hope that you will take the time and trouble to attempt the many activities included in this Guide, as these are designed to give you practice in achieving the outcomes of the module. (The feedback to these activities is placed at the end of each unit.) Ultimately you will be required to demonstrate that you are able to analyse texts and comment on how the English language functions in various real-life contexts. This will also entail being able to express yourself clearly and correctly in written English. Regular practice will develop your ability to write in a style appropriate for academic purposes.

This module is divided into six units, each dealing with a different aspect of English language use. We would like you to read this material in conjunction with the sections of your prescribed texts, Introducing English Language and Working with Texts, indicated at the beginning of each unit. At the end of every unit there is a Glossary of all the specialist terms used in the unit. It is necessary for you to become familiar with these terms, so we have left space for you to fill in the meanings yourself. This is just one of ENG2601/1v

the activities you will be required to do, but is a particularly important one. Additional activities, aimed at giving you more practice, may be found on myUnisa. We hope you will enjoy this module and that it will develop your critical ability and appreciation of how the English language works in your studies and in the real world.


English Language systems: persuasion and narration/rhetorical analysis

We have entitled this unit ‘Language systems’ because it will demonstrate how the English ‘language systems’ work in specific writing contexts. This unit draws on all the grammatical and language features that were introduced in ENG1502. These include the micro elements of language such as word classes, word sounds, word morphology and word meaning. The focus of Unit 6, in particular, was on language in action where it was shown how features of language are adapted to context, audience and...
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