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Your address

Ms Hannah Barrett                                                                                        Store Manager                                                                                               Toasties                                                                                                        25, Drame Road                                                                                        Gresmond

25th August 2013
Dear Ms Barrett
Having purchased one of your 'Deluxe' toasters, model number AS1959, nine months ago I recently discovered it had developed a fault. The toaster's element on one side no longer heated up so that it toasted on only one side. I returned the toaster to your store and received a replacement in the form of an identical make and model. The assistant who dealt with my complaint informed me that this replacement would only be guaranteed for the remaining three months of the original warranty. I stated categorically that I was not happy with this and requested a new guarantee of twelve months on the replacement item. The assistant replied that this was not possible and that I should write to you regarding the matter. Advertisement banners clearly displayed in your store, and the reason I decided to purchase from you, state the following : -  

              * Full twelve month guarantee on all goods  
              * No quibble replacement policy in the event of failure  
              * Customer satisfaction our priority  
I am, therefore, asking you to look at your guarantee policy as I feel that a replacement item of the same make and model should also carry its own twelve month guarantee, not least because of the fact that under your present terms should the same fault be inherent in this particular model I will then have no guarantee at all in three months’ time. I would appreciate your comments in respect of this matter and look forward to hearing from...
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