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Topics: Comedy, Irony, Fiction Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: October 12, 2013

Short Story #4
Rape Fantasies
1. Humor and irony are used as a comedic relief in the story. Atwood uses them to downplay the seriousness involving rape. An example is seen when Chrissy is beginning her story and Estelle says “so who takes baths with their clothes on?’ I found her sarcasm very humorous. Irony can also be seen in her own rape fantasies when she somehow persuades the fellow from not raping her. It is ironic because they usually end up helping each other out, when in reality, that is not what happens during rape. 2. Greta and Chrissy both describe their rape fantasies as something enjoyable. They describe this handsome man unexpectedly coming into their homes and showing them a good time. Estelle objects to this because in both scenarios, the ladies are enjoying it. Rape is by no means enjoyable. The women have a misconception of what rape actually is. As I Stand Here Ironing

1. I would characterize Emily as insecure and somewhat detached. It comes from the lack of affection from her mother. In her times of need, there was nobody there to comfort their and that had a huge effect on hey psyche. She felt that she was not worth anybody’s time. However, when she participated in that show and people actually applauded and enjoyed it, she found a sense of worth. She had a very rough childhood, and her ability to persevere through it shows that she was also very strong. 2. The narrator is characterized by a sense of regret. She regrets all that she put Emily through. Because of all this, she ruined any chance of her and Emily ever having a ‘close’ relationship. I feel that she is also somewhat immature. The decisions in her life did not seem to be ideally planned. In having another kid when Emily was still young, she almost sacrificed Emily for a good time. She did not seem to be a good mother. She is disappointed in herself for not raising Emily like she should have. 3. The dress on the ironing board and the iron serves a...
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