English Literature A-Level Wuthering Heights chapter 20

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Hatred, Mother Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: February 2, 2014
Wuthering Heights chapter 20
Summary of chapter:
Nelly wakes Linton up at 5 o'clock in the morning to take him to his father. Because his mother never mentioned his father, Linton is surprised and confused. Linton is full of questions about his father, questions Nelly answers reluctantly. They get off to a rough start, with Heathcliff making comments about his son's appearance. He says that the only reason he will put up with his son is that he is the heir to everything – (including Thrushcross Grange.) As Nelly leaves the house, she hears Linton crying out, begging not to be left behind. Page 148:

'You must not say nothing to where he is gone to my daughter: she must not associate with him hereafter'- Mr.Linton realises instantly that Linton, although being a gentleman now, will not stay like that very long once he is in the company of Heathcliff. He also does not want Cathy to even be aware of Heathcliffs existence as he hates him deeply. 'Mamma never told me I had a father where does he live? I'd rather stay with uncle'- Linton, even before he meets his father is reluctant to stay with him. This foreshadows the upcoming event of him initially hating having to live with him. 'You must try to love him'- Nelly instinctively knows that Linton will not like Heathcliff and tires her best to prepare him without scaring him. Page 149:

'I attempted to persuade him of the naughtiness of showing reluctance to meet his father'- The use of the word 'attempted' shows that Nelly doesn't want to make him go herself. 'The poor thing'- This shows Lintons feeble nature as Nelly feels sorry for him. 'He began to put questions concerning his new home and its inhabitants, with greater interest and liveliness'- He is not completely negative about meeting his newly found father when he reaches the house and then this gets knocked straight down which might emphasis his reaction of 'crying' further. 'The light completion and slim frame of my companion'- This description matches...
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