English Colonies

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The English Colonies are Founded
Between 1607and 1737 settlers from England established thirteen colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. “The first colony is established in Virginia .In 1607 a joint stock company of London merchants financed a settlement of English colonist at James town in what is now Virginia. The colony was named after King James 1.England first permanent settlement in North America. The Virginia colonist hoped to make their fortunes by discovering gold or silver or finding a water route to the Pacific. They are not prepared for the hardship they found nor did they expect to do farm work. More than half of the original 104 colonist died of the starvation and disease during the first winter. Only the discipline imposed by a strong-willed leader Captain John Smith, kept the Jamestown settlement from disaster. The settlers relations with the nearby Indians varied during the first decades of Jamestown existence. Indian farmers also taught English how to grow corn, yams and tobacco that eventually made the colony prosperous. There were conflicts and many Indians and settler were killed. As the English settlements grow, the Indians were forced to leave their farms and villages and move further inland.

The Plymouth colony is started
Two new groups of English colonists arrived in the region that came to be called New England. These settlers hoped to build communities where they were free to practiced their religious beliefs .The first to arrived were a group of Puritans ,declaring themselves separate from the church of England, some Puritans formed their own “Separatist” churches when King James1 came to throne, he began severe persecutions of non conformist and in 1607 many left England for the protestant Netherlands .In 1619 the separatist received permission to settle on land owned by the London company, the same company that had sponsored the colony at Jamestown. Because they not have the money to finance the voyage they formed a...
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