English checkpoint 2

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Big Five personality traits Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: June 1, 2014

Personality is the combination of a person's characteristics and actions which makes a person unique. A personality trait describes the things you do or how you act, such as being adventurous or honest and is important when describing a person’s personality. Asking someone questions to find their personality traits can show you what type of person they are but personality development theories are important because they try to explain what influences people during socialization. There are many theories related to personality development but I believe Eriksons theory on crucial moments in a childs life and the theory on birth order are most relevant to me because I believe my personality traits match with the theories.

I believe that Erikson’s theory positively applies to me because I am trusting, confident and responsible. Erikson’s psychosocial development theory was similar to Freud’s in the fact that they both believed that people developed in a predetermined order, but Erikson believed that personality was developed in childhood rather than sexual development. Erikson’s theory was in stages and the first stage was from birth to one year where I was told I was given consistent care from my sister and parents. They told me that my mom was always with me during this time, and my dad would always return from his job on time . Due to the consistency with my caregivers at this age, I became trusting and would believe many things people told me during my childhood. When I reached adolescence I became more careful to trust people but I still give people the benefit of the doubt. The second stage in Erikson’s theory takes place between the ages of one and three which is where I began to want to do things on my own such as walking and choosing what to eat. My sister and parents had told me that when I was two I wouldn’t want people carrying me for any reason so they honoured that and wouldn’t carry me unless I said I wanted to. This freedom helped me gain more...
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