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Topics: Frankenstein, Blade Runner, Tyrell Corporation Pages: 11 (3137 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Introduction to text
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
About the author
* Published Frankenstein in 1818
Type of text- novel under the Board’s Prose Fiction category Context
* Galvanism
* Luigi Galvani (18th century) used electric current to case a frog’s legs to twitch. * Theories- current could reanimate human corpse’s brain, also caused by chemical reaction * Shelley used these theories to create monster

* Genesis
* Story of creation of the world including humans, by Christians * Creature like Adam, meaning victor as God
* Paradise Lost identifies creature with Satan, outcast unlike satan’s ‘fellow-devils’ * Goethe’s The Sorrows of Werther
* Love story of Werther who falls in love with charlotte (married) and ends in suicide * Gothic fiction
* Plots involve- young woman pursued by male villain
* Setting often castle- symbolise unconscious mind
* Frankenstein deals with broader issues of humanity’s place and dealing with knowledge * Plutarch’s Lives
* Biographies of Greek/roman figures illuminating moral strengths/failngs- read by creature * Political justice-
* William Godwin- individuals will improve if society they live in improves * Romanticism
* Movement- connection to nature, hate of industrialism, value/efficacy of art * Art was seen as truth of life rather than e.g. science * Mary Shelley’s husband was one of the great poets of the second English Romanticism generation * Lord Bryon- ‘Byronic Hero’- intelligent, central figure, sophisticated, outlaw * The Faust Myth

* Signs soul to devil in return for powers
* The Prometheus Myth
* Prometheus introduces humans to fire, forbidden by Zeus (king of Gods) * Bounds to rock for all eternity having bired eat his liver (regrows each night) * Victor- defies natural order and God by creating life, punished by ruin and perpetual self-reprisal and guilt- ‘The modern Prometheus’ Audience

* Idea was only part of a game/challenge with close friends, expanded into novel with large general readership. Gothic novel was most popular at time. Purpose
* Dramatise relo with humans and Gods- issue of ‘overreaching’- playing role of God * Ethical/ practical possibilities from human enquiries into source of life and knowledge * Still today- scientific research and in science fiction texts * Issue of personal responsibility

* Wanted to write disturbing/ shocking gothic novel
Key concepts
* Moral fable- story with lesson (parables in other words by Christian Bible) * Allegory- story representing another story
Blade Runner by Ridley Scott
About the director
* Blade Runner ‘directors cut’ 1991, (seven versions) Type- feature film
* Cyberpunk
* Science fiction sub-genre- advanced technology combined with breakdown in social order- set in near future involving conflict between individuals and corporations * Dystopia
* Utopia is perfect society where everyone is happy, unlike dystopia where it Is imperfect, suggesting utopia is impossible for humans * Film Noir
* ‘Black film’- popularised in 1940s-usually in black and white about crime * Hero- male who ruthlessly pursues evil and corruption * ‘femme fatale’- beautiful woman who was nothing but trouble * Blade runner is deliberate homage to film noir set in future * Late Capitalism

* Characterised by social arrangement based on corporations e.g. replicants and humans owned by corporation- ‘commodification’- everything is commodity * Post-Christian
* Diminishing Christianity influence and organised religion on western society. God is dead and replaced by corporation Purpose
* Present issues on ethics/consequences on creating artificial life * Decaying world
* Present corporation as social unit of future and issues complied * ‘What...
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