English 114 Buisness Letter

Topics: Pelletizing, Future, Credit Pages: 4 (717 words) Published: December 2, 2012
TO: Dr. Riley Jernigan
FROM: Kristen Buergey
DATE: September 6, 2012
SUBJECT: Requesting Vacation

I am requesting 4 days off for a family reunion in Lake Geneva, WI. The dates are October 10-14th, 2012. We have discussed the trip earlier this year. I just wanted to remind you and receive written permission to fax over to personnel providing it’s still possible for me to go.

My current schedule has been re-fitted to make sure patients will have plenty of time in advance to make necessary appointments. My PA Saundra has agreed to take over certain patients in case of emergency.

After talking with the secretary I was verified that I have enough vacation days to cover my trip with a few days left over for emergencies.

Kristen Buergey

Point Connection Partners
475 Gould Rd, Humboldt, TN 54366
(263)-749-2818 email lancemcafee@yahoo.com

September 7, 2012

Mr. Haywood Merritt
569 Yourk Street
Faison, NC 34657

Dear Mr. Merritt,

We have missed seeing you around our office these past months. Mr. Merritt you are one of our most valued customers and friend. Point Connection Partners has guided you on many financial successes, and we would love to continue working with you towards new heights of financial security.

Thank you for trusting us with planning your retirement and future goals. We are honored that you chose us to represent you on numerous occasions. According to our records you are about to finish paying off your mortgage in the next few weeks and we would love to celebrate with you on that incredible milestone.

Point Connections Partner is pleased to offer a new line of opportunities for your family to take advantage of in securing the most savings for your invested money. With a new portfolio and fresh eyes on our team we are committed to making every dollar stretch to its limit. Please give me at (263)-749-2818 for my personal cell, or an email at lancemcafee@gmail.com so I can speak with you again...
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