Engineers Without Borders Challenge 2012

Topics: Recycling, Mekong Delta, Waste management Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Engineers Without Borders Challenge| 2012
ROYAL MELBOURNE UNVIERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY * * \ Solving The Issue Of Human Waste Management In Vietnam|

The EWB challenge 2012 aims to improve various aspects of Mekong delta region located in Vietnam. The EWB challenge is a way for aspiring students to experience problems apparent in the World and provides opportunity to design solutions to rectify this. This allows students to develop strong communication skills, teamwork and knowledge about sustainability in different future endeavors.

This report examines the impact and feasibility of implementing a human waste management system for the people of Mekong delta. It details our approach to the problem and discusses the most sustainable solution. The report identifies the current situation of Mekong delta and recognizes cultural, social, economic and environmental factors that will come into consideration while implementing the solution. To achieve sustainability the design must take into account these factors yet still provide a means to improving the well-being of the community. Cultural beliefs such as reuse of human waste has a substantial impact on the final design, this combined with financial restrictions that finding the most viable solution is necessary.

Educating the community is a solution that will be economically viable with low initial costs and no ongoing costs. It is a long term solution that will provide benefits for the current village and future generations.

A toilet-system will enable the community to physically stop the need for open-defecation. It Will detail the measurements and construction requirements to build a toilet as well as ededucation plans
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