Topics: Mobile phone, Adolescence, Text messaging Pages: 2 (254 words) Published: April 2, 2013
As teenagers get closer to driving age, many parents are left wondering how they will be able to afford a new, high-cost insurance in order to ensure their child as a new driver.

Teenage drivers almost always face high insurance because insurance companies see them as "high risk." Inexperienced teen drivers are likely to engage in risky behaviours, leading to accidents due to seat belt use, drunk driving, and cell phone usage.

Topic Sentence #
Teens are least likely of any age to wear seat belts as they get older. A Impulse do it, some don't have the impulse.
B Immortality complex.
C Believing that it is uncool.

Topic Sentence #
Teens are likely to engage in risky drinking behaviour and drive while they are still drunk. A Believes they are uncool if they don't drink.
B Peer pressure.
C Heritage or parental influence.
D Celebrities drink and party.

Topic Sentence #
Teens are attached to social media and their phones are a direct link to it through their applications. A Likely to talk on their cell phones while driving, but also likely to send and receive text messages. B Takes his/her eyes away from the road in order to read or text messages. C Impulse or habit to instantly answer.

Parents may not be able to pay for insurance on their children as they are considered “high risk” because they are more likely to drink and drive, talk and/or text, and not wear a seat belt while driving.
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