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The Hunger Games

A innocent girl is placed in a death ring to kill. In this book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen is chosen from District 12 to fight others until there is one winner. Katniss is the main protagonist and narrator in this book. Katniss is reluctant to kill and doubts she can win the games until later in the book where her emotions change. In the novel, Katniss has always been a natural leader and hunter, but it isn't until The Hunger Games when it changes Katniss both emotionally and physically, the death or an ally makes her rebellious, and she develops a love feeling towards Peeta.

The arena dramatizes the way Katniss thinks and acts. At first Katniss plans to go find a source of water and just let everyone kill each other. But torn by a fake betrayal by Peeta and vengeance by the suffering the Careers have caused her, she makes a dramatic change in plans and decides to go offensive and attack the Careers. This makes Katniss a bit more on the offensive side now instead of defensive.

Katniss's alliance with Rue tears her apart when Rue is killed by the boy in District one. Seeing Rue die makes Katniss not angry at the boy who killed Rue, but ultimately the Capitol. As she said,”...I can't bring myself...to hate the boy from District 1...It's the capitol I hate for doing this to all of us.”(Pg.236) As an act of rebellion, Katniss puts flowers on Rue's body to show the audience how sick and twisted this really was. But ultimately, during the whole novel It was Katniss's love for...
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