Ending My Time in the Military

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Ending My Time in The Military
Pamela Jordan
May 16, 2013
Juan Mobley

Ending My Time in the Military
The decision not to reenlist weighed heavy on my mind for about a half a year. I had to determine the issues associated with the decision to leave the military life. This was the life I was custom to for the last 13 years. One issue was the financial part of leaving the military. The next issue was living conditions. One alternative of not getting out would be staying in three more years. Next I would have to evaluate the alternatives for staying in. The result of that would mean a higher possibility of getting deployed. I have two older children who were dependent on themselves and also a seven month old daughter. Even though she would have gone to my mother home, no one takes care of your baby better than you. Once I decided to leave the military, I had to implement my decision. After I left the military, I enrolled in college and volunteered at a hospital. As I was finishing my freshman year at college it came time to evaluate my decision to leave the military. Leaving the military I am a single parent, employed full time, and going to school full time. If I had to do it over again I think I would have stayed in the military and chance the possibility of getting deployed. My decision-making process goes almost hand- in-hand with the stages of the decision making process from the book. By not taking all the alternatives into consideration is the one step that did not consider. One alternative would have been to enlist in the reserves. Still possessing the military in my employment, part- time and going to school would be more effective than giving the military up altogether. I love the military life and I have been affiliated with some form of the military life from my teenage years until my late thirties. If I would have used the same steps from the book I would have stayed in the military. I would have gotten promoted at least twice, traveled...
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