Emancipation Act and Apprenticeship System

Topics: Slavery, Abolitionism, Labor Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Reasons emancipation act was passed
Abolitionists kept the idea frequent in the minds of the public and were working tirelessly in and out of parliament, hence pressuring the government to act Persecution of missionaries and slave rebellions turned the public from the british planters The planters’ attitudes in response to the amelioration was dissatisfactory and proved that it was necessary for parliament to act. Humanitarians spoke on the uneconomical nature of slavery. Others were industrialists who had taken over in the reform parliament from the west india british planters and were in favour of emancipating the slaves. Provisions of emancipation act

Apprentices could not leave the estate during the apprenticeship period Apprentices had to work 401/2 hours for the planters without pay. Planters would be compensated 20 million for loss of their unpaid labour All slaves over the age of six had to work in the apprenticeships system. Field slaves 6 years and skilled and domestic 4 Slaves under age 6 were to be freed

Work passing the 401/2 hours was to be paid for
Planters were to provide them with food, clothing, shelter, medical care. In absence of food there was to be provided provision ground and time to cultivate them. Apprenticeship system could be shortened.

Slaves could buy their freedom
Stipendiary magistrates were put in charge to make sure that both ex slaves and planters were receiving their rights due to them in the emancipation act and to report to Britain about the state of the estates they were appointed to.

Aims of apprenticeship
To delay full and immediate emancipation
To allow a peaceful change from slavery to freedom
To provide planters with labour force and to prepare them for age labour system To teach ex slaves to be thrifty so they can purchase personal desirables Teach ex slaves to be responsible working individuals

To facilitate continuation of the plantation economy
Difficulties faced by british in implanting the...
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