Elitist vs Plurarlism

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Elitist vs Pluralist

In an elitist government it is believed that only a select few of people should hold political power. People who are maybe from a higher class or wealthier than the others form the group of elites. Elitist point of views are taking much more serious and carefully than those who are outsiders to this group.

A pluralist government is much like the opposite of the elitist government. In a pluralist government the power of decision making and policy making are based more on the wants and needs of many rather than just a few. It is said to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people.Everyones views are valued regardless of ones position in society. This is similar to the type of government we have here in the United States of America. I am from West Haven, Connecticut where i feel we have a pluralist type of government. I feel this way for many reason one being all the opportunities the citizens have to give their input in government decisions. For example, citizens are invited to meetings town hall carries out to discuss future actions or concerns. Also they accept mail and letters where people can display their feelings towards what ever. This little blurb is available on my cities website conveying the feeling of our mayor John Picard. "As a life long resident of West Haven, I’m very grateful for the privilege of serving as Mayor of this great City. I share your vision of making West Haven a better place to live and work. I am convinced, along with the city's Economic Development Task Force, that West Haven has the potential to be one of Connecticut’s premier coastline cities and is committed to continuous improvements to our economic future." I feel that right there displays the type of government in my home town.
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