Elements of Literary Analysis

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Elements of literary analysis
Plot Summary
Character Analysis
Symbolism and Metaphor
Plot Summary
The narrative structure of a story is divided into 5 parts. Organize, by list or diagram, the events of the story into the following points using as few words as possible. (Complicated stories may have multiple turning points.)

#1 Exposition (introduction)
Introduces the main characters, setting, and conflict.
#2 Rising Action (conflict complicated)
Secondary conflicts arise. Secondary adversaries hold protagonist back from his goal. #3 Climax (turning point)
The turning point, for better or worse, in the protagonists affairs. When we first realize the conflict will be resolved. #4 Falling Action (loose ends tied up)
Headed towards resolution, maybe with a final moment of suspense. #5 Denouement (conclusion)
Characters return to normal state or resolution. May close with marriage or death. Setting
The setting for a story includes the time, place, and social reality with in the story. Also includes how time passes with in the text. The historical and social context in which the story was written should also be considered. Each tale is a product of its time and place. The author’s biographical info can also be considered as context. Character Analysis

Map the story’s characters by type
Protagonist: The main character(s) that causes a sympathetic reaction from the reader. Also the character that moves the action in the story forward. The protagonist is not always the primary focal character in the story (see below).

Focal Character: The focal character may be easily confused with the protagonist. The key difference is a reader should feel sympathetic towards the protagonist where as a focal character will trigger excitement and interest but not an emotional response. (Ex: Sherlock Holmes is a focal character)

Deuteragonist: The second most important character in the text, often the side-kick. (Ex. Ron Weasley in...
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