Electronic Data Processing

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The Modern Era of Databases
The movement towards the use of the Database Management System

Alex P. Pasion, MIT Instructor


Why is there a need to study File Processing and DBM?
Historical Perspective.

History of Database Processing.


Why is there a need to study File Processing and DBM?

Why do we use Databases?

Simply because of ourselves and there is always something that happens around us.  

Collect Data Use and Reuse data

Historical Perspective

Historical Perspective

Historical Perspective

Historical Perspective

The Electronic Age:

Punch Card

Why do we Humans desire Databases?

Man has always had the desire to record everything around him 

The more things we record, the more we need for storage

And these records are desired to be shared and re-used.

The more we are involved in activities that needs information, the more we need the storage to be accessible and faster retrieved by several people.

The Paper-Filing Cabinet Database


 

In 1790, the US decided to record census data (3.9 million people) In 1880, it took the US 7 years to tabulate the recorded data 1890, the population increased by 12 million 1890, the US decided to use tabulating machines using computer (punch cards), tabulation took only 2-3 months.

The Electronic File Database

The issues that faced File Processing

  

Separation and isolation of data Duplication of data Data dependence Incompatible file formats Fixed Queries/Proliferation of application programs

The Birth of the

Database Management System

So now, what is a Database?

A shared persistent, organized, structured storage of collected interrelated data that has purpose 
 

It may be but not just STORAGE It may be but is not just for RETRIEVAL It is about PURPOSE and the need for generation of meaningful INFORMATION

History of Database Processing
File Processing Systems Database Technology The Relational Model Microcomputer DBMS products Client/Server Database Applications Distributed Database Processing Object-Oriented DBMS

File Processing Systems

The first business information systems used in the late 50’s and early 60’s stored group of records in separate files and were called file processing systems. Problems Encountered:  

Data was becoming difficult to manage New systems are becoming difficult to develop. Management were not able to relate the data into one file system to another.

Database Technology

A solution to the problems of file processing systems and so large companies began to develop organizational databases. Problems Encountered:   

Database application has many failures When database fails, all the dependent application fails. Most the applications were done in High-level language but the users do not have time and resources to become professional programmers.

–Database application has many failures

–When database fails, all the dependent application fails.

users do not have time and resources to become professional programmers.

Relational Model

A solution to the problem of storing large amount of data

Problems Encountered:

Encountered a good deal of resistance because it requires more computer resources. It seemed foreign to many programmers

Relational Model --Requires Computer Resources

Microcomputer DBMS Products

In 1979, a small company named Ashton-Tate introduced a microcomputer product Dbase II and called it relational DBMS. DBMS products:  Dbase III+, Oracle, Focus, ingres Relational DBMS products  Dbase IV, Paradox, Revelation, Helix

Client/Server Database Applications

A LAN based multi-user architecture.

Distributed Database processing

Combination of Personal, workgroup, and organizational database.

Problems Encountered:
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