Electoral System in Uk; Political Parties

Topics: Plurality voting system, Proportional representation, Voting system Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: May 6, 2012
There are five types of elections in the United Kingdom:
• General elections
• Elections to devolved parliaments and assemblies
• Elections to the European Parliament
• Local elections and mayoral elections

 Elections are held on Election Day, which is conventionally a Thursday. 

General elections have fixed dates, and must be called within five years of the opening of parliament following the last election.

Other elections are held on fixed and well as well dates though in the case of the devolved assemblies and parliaments, early elections can occur in certain situations. 

Presently, six electoral systems are used:
• The single member plurality system (First Past the Post)

The plurality voting system is a single-winner voting system often used to elect executive officers or to elect members of a legislative assembly which is based on single-member constituencies(избирательный округ).

• The multi member plurality system

Plurality-at-large voting is a non-proportional voting system for electing several representatives from a single multimember electoral district избирательный округ) using a series of check boxes and tallying (подсчёт) votes similar to a plurality election.

•  Party list PR

Party-list proportional representation systems are a family of voting systems emphasizing proportional representation (PR) in elections in which multiple candidates are elected through preferentially-ranked allocations (размещение) to an electoral list.

• The single transferable vote

The single transferable vote (STV) is a voting system designed to achieve proportional representation through preferential voting.

• The Additional Member System

Mixed-member proportional representation, commonly abbreviated to MMP, is a voting system originally used to elect representatives to the German Bundestag, and nowadays adopted by numerous legislatures around the world. MMP is...
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