Egee 101

Topics: Heat, Energy, Temperature Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: December 10, 2012
As the title of this lesson suggests, this lesson focuses on the efficiency of appliances and how we can calculate this, introduces ourselves to the various forms of energy, how this energy is transformed, and discusses recommendations to conserve it.

This lesson started by stating the importance and multiple uses that we give electricity. This is the main (and only as far as I can tell) source of energy that our electrical devices need to work and give us all of the amenities that we have come to get used to. From electric lighting to TVs and microwaves, electrical appliances and electronic devices make us rely heavily on electricity. Electricity makes the alarm clock go off in the morning and provides us artificial light at night when there's no more day light. There are one hundred and one reasons to love how we manipulate electricity to power our electric devices, however, we have only a few ways that we can generate it. As any other form of energy, we are limited in its quantity. This has urged us to redesign our appliances and other electric devices to conserve it. From different types of electric lighting to efficient major appliances, our lesson talks about the efficiency factor in them and what the best choices are depending on this factor. Formulas were provided to calculate energy costs (in this case electricity) and determine efficiency.

As the subject of appliances and its efficiency was covered, cooling and heating was consequently brought up as these two actions will consume the largest amount of electricity in a house, not only regulating the temperature of a house but also of the water we use. The methods of Geothermal heating/cooling and solar water heating were brought up and its advantages were discussed. The sun is one of our main sources of energy, if not the main one. This heavily relies on the way we can capture its energy and transform it in electricity or other forms of energy. How Geothermal heating/cooling changes the...
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