Topics: Education, Teacher, Curriculum Pages: 4 (623 words) Published: September 17, 2012
By: Bro. Armin A. Luistro FSC (DepEd Secretary)

In our present time , there are many speculation spoken by different people, regarding the implementation of the new Curriculum , K to 12.There are many question still hanging on ,Is it the solution to our poverty , underemployment and unemployment.? Does K to 12 curriculum basically enhance our students knowledge? Does this curriculum eliminates at lessen poverty in our country. Our DepEd Secretary, Bro. Armin A. Luistro, FSC, starting whenhe became an Education Secretary, He is trying to change the traditional way of teaching, trying to resolve different problem, control and motivates the teachers, students , parents and government officials to cooperate in order to help our students to be competitive enough. In his Declaration of State of Philippine Education, he emphasize the trend and issues in Education System in: a. Philippine Education is under in Chronic Illness

b. Regression in Access
c. Bureaucratic Melee
d. Appropriations allotted I n Education
e. On the need of Reform
f. The Join Forces of 3 Agencies in Government. The DOLE, TESDA, and CHED. g. The Idea of EFA 2015 and Millennium Development Goals,

1. The Philippine Education is under in chronic illness
He said that our country is under the chronic illness , it is because the system in our

country is suffering from different crisis, not only come from economic problem, but most

probably in political system. In this country, Our governmentalways change our curriculum

from time to time, for them we must faced the reality and we must adapt the changes but the

mere fact is , they don’t even support that particular in terms of facilities, tools, books and

other school materials, that’s why our curriculum is only a Trial-Error set up. Inother aspects

the reason why we still in the...
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