Editorial of London During the Industrial Revolution

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Life expectancy Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The London TimesMarch 5, 1830
The age of industry has happened my dear countrymen! Since 1730 people have moved from the country to the city. It has had a positive effect as we know it. It also has some major downsides to it also.

The education was and still is in the making. In the beginnings the government did not make children go to school, but after the ninetieth century brought mandated school hours for children. By 1850 half of the population could read and write. Technical schools begin to develop because of the increase of skilled labor in England. Coal mining brought new beginnings in technology. It replaced wood and fueling stoves and heating homes. It was used to power the newly developed steam engine. Coal was a huge demand. The class structure was different before 1750. Before, it was just artisans, farmers, and merchants. People were divided from landowning elite to the peasants. Now in the great year of 1830, people are now industrial capitalist, inventors, laborers, shopkeepers, and factory clerks. Before, to be in an upper class it was based on birth, now it is based on education, so anybody can be in the upper class. We, as Englishmen, had a head start on the industrial revolution, our cotton industry is booming, we have railroads invented for fast transportation, and the steam engine puts a demand for coal on the line and technologically advances our lives. Our buildings before were not sturdy and strong. Now, our building is technologically advanced. Instead of the great buildings being only churches, now our buildings consist of opera houses, city halls, and stock exchanges. Great advancements have been happening in this era. Back in 1796, Edward Jenner discovered to vaccine, now humans are immune to most diseases. There have also been rumors about an invention where you can talk to each other from miles away instantly. There has been another rumor about a box where you...
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