Econ1401 Speech

Topics: Inflation, Price index, Subprime lending Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The ‘video’ presentations are aimed to help you develop your oral presentation skills. You have researched and presented the economic concept, theory or proposition in a written format. This would take 10 minutes to read out and written documents are not designed to be read out. But your audience is time constrained and is interested in the key points. If that sparks their further interest, they will ask for more or read your more detailed paper.

The capacity to concisely present key points in a short 3 minute presentation is an important skill which has always been highly rated/appreciated by the customers/senior management of businesses or government (your audience) – and hence by your future employer. Your first real experience might well be when you pitch yourself (the 2-3 key reasons why they employ you!) to potential employers in an interview.

What to do
The presentation will be based either: a short summation of the ‘highlights’ of the written assignment on this topic; or one of the first two tutorial questions (zoning laws; constraints on conversion of low density) completed in week 5 or the final question. If you choose the latter options (tutorial questions), you are required to submit a written answer (can be in dot point format but including explanation of points) to the question at the tutorial.

For the oral presentation, the first thing is to work out what are the things that need to be said and by definition the things that do not need to be said, i.e. rank them in order of importance. Then sort out a logical sequence. When you do your first practice, ask yourself whether it made sense – feedback from your peers can also be useful.

The video will be of you speaking to an audience. Most presentations are to small audiences (not lecture halls full of students) so pretend that you are presenting to a small group who are interested in the question/issue you are addressing. In any presentation, the key is to look at the audience,...
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