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To begin with, starting my career as an Administrative Officer has long been my aspired career path. I consider working in the government as a way of contributing and giving back to society. Throughout my life as a student, I have benefited greatly from the subsidy and the welfare given by the government. I feel much obliged to pay back to society.

I started my passion of serving the community from the work of my father, who is a civil servant dedicating his life to work in the police force. I admire his job of fighting crimes and maintaining social order. Witnessing his commitment to society, I hope to shape the community by means of policy change. I believe the action of policy-makers can have significant impacts on society. It is my wish to create a better society with my presence.

Through working as an Administrative Service Intern, I hope to be exposed to duties of Administrative Officers and to experience working in different Government Departments. I also hope to understand some of the underlying social phenomenon and problems existing in Hong Kong, such as inequality of wealth, housing problem and reform movements. By establishing an independent and critical mind over these issues, I wish to come up with possible solutions to tackle with these problems.

I hope to both contribute and learn as an Intern. By applying my knowledge of current affairs, I wish to experience and view these issues from the perspective of policy-makers instead of being influenced by the media and as an ordinary citizen. I can understand more about the difficulties and dilemma faced by the government when carrying out policies....
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