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Internship Report
“Study of Foreign Exchange Operations of
BASIC Bank Limited“

Report on
“Study of Foreign Exchange Operations of
BASIC Bank Limited“

Submitted to
Md. Zayed Uddin
Lecturer Dept. of Finance
Faculty of Business

Prepared by
MD. Tarik Aziz
ID: 09102101145
Sec: B
Intake: 21st

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology
Dhaka Commerce College Road, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh Date of Submission:


May 15, 2013
Md. Zayed uddin
Lecturer Dept. of Finance
Faculty of Business
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “Study of Foreign Exchange Operations of BASIC Bank Limited (BBL).”

Dear Sir,
I have much pleasure to submit herewith a copy of Internship report on “Study of Foreign Exchange Operations of BASIC Bank Ltd.” for your kind evaluation and appreciation. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your support and encouragement. You would be glad to hear that I have given my best effort to prepare the report with relevant information that I have collected from Tanbazar Branche of BASIC Ban Limited and other relevant sources. I think the knowledge that I have gathered during practical work and preparation of the report has enlarged my leaning to the field significantly. For your kind consideration I would like to mention that there might be some mistakes due to limitations of my knowledge, wisdom and time constraint. Please accept the report by providing me proper suggestions about my mistakes.

Thanking you.
Sincerely yours,
Md. Tarik Aziz
ID: 09102101145

Undoubtedly, all praise to Allah. So, first of all, I express my deep gratitude to the almighty Allah who invisibly helps me to complete this internship report. I also have to put my heartfelt respect and gratitude for the kindness and co operations that was provided to me to complete my assigned report on the topic of “Study of the Foreign Exchange Operations of BASIC Bank Ltd.”

I express my sincere gratitude to respected Faculty Md. Zayed Uddin who guided, supervised me during the study. His excellent attitude has greatly encouraged my work.

I would like to express humble gratitude to my organization, my colleagues, and other well-wishers. Their guidance, advice and co operations allowed me to complete this report successfully.

Last of all I would like to express my thanks to the researchers, article writers, my family, friends and also to the teachers, employees and students of the Finance Department who helped me in every stage of the report by providing valuable information and suggestion in respect of preparing this report.

Executive Summary

Banks and financial institutions play an important role in the process of economic growth of a country. In a developing country like Bangladesh, banking business is very much competitive. Almost fifty two banks are operating at this moment and competing to hold maximum market share. BASIC Bank Limited (Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited) is a state-owned. But the bank is not nationalized; it operates like a private bank. As a blend of commercial banking BASIC Bank Limited provide their clients with a full range of service to help them grow their assets and net worth. They offer term loans to clients, especially to develop small scale enterprises. BASIC Bank also provide full-fledged commercial banking services like collection of deposits, short term trade finance, working capital finance in processing and manufacturing units and financing and facilitating international trade.

This report is based on Foreign Exchange Management of BASIC Bank Limited. The basic objective of this report is to find out and understanding about how the organization performs Foreign Exchange transactions, what are the current problems and identify the potentiality or Prospects of Foreign Exchange Department of BASIC...

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