Double Entry Journal Methodology of Teaching

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Regardless of the fact that these measures often are used to predict student performance, a teacher’s recorded school achieve-ment seldom has correlated strongly with classroom performance (Pg.3)| I can certainly agree with this quote given that academic performance of teacher does not mean he or she is well equipped or suited to teach a certain subject matter. This touches home with me because my background is business. While I did instruct and facilitate many times in the workplace, never did I have to do so with children. While my academics were good in school, my hands on/real world experience made me a better teacher on the subject matter.| Less Effective TeachersUse vague, ambiguous, or indefinite language, such as “might probably be,” “tends to suggest,” and “could possibly happen.” (Pg 9)| These hold true to my thoughts and feelings as well as what can render a teacher less effective. Language such as “might probably be” only plants the seed in my mind that my teacher is either lacking the specific knowledge in the subject matter or they are lacking the passion that it takes to effectively teach on the subject.| If you teach with a high degree of clarity, you will spend less time going over material. (Pg.9)| This is a very small quote, but with a powerful and impactful meaning to me. I again believe you must have the passion to actually reach the high degree of clarity. If that is present prior to the lesson delivery, I believe it will help the flow and also create a more meaningful discussion.| Minimize time-consuming activities, such as giving directions and organizing the class for instruction, by writing the daily schedule on the board. This will ensure that pupils know where to go and what to do. (Pg.13)| I love a class that is well organized where I knew the moment I sat down what we were going to do that day. I cannot lie though; it did create a sense of knowing how fast I would be out of that class as well. However, it also made me feel like I knew what the clear expectations were for the day. | Moderate to high success rates can produce mastery of lesson content. But they can also provide the foundation for your students to apply what they have learned and to reason, problem solve, and think critically and independently about the content (Pg.15)| I like this quote because I think it means success for the educator and of course for the student as well. Not only do I think it is good because it displays their learning throughout the course, but it is something that prepares them for the next year as well as community expectations.| The standard phrases we use to acknowl-edge and reward students (“Correct,” “Good,” “Right”) are so overused that they may not always convey the reward intended. (Pg.17)| This statement is very true and reminded me of how I managed and led employees in over 200 locations. I think we get so used to the simple words like “good” or “right” that they become stale. I do think actions speak louder than words.| Anyone who has ever been in a classroom where the teacher’s presentation was lifeless, static, and without vocal variety can appreciate the commonsense value of the affective side of teaching. (Pg.22)| This reminds me of an 8th grade math class I had where the teacher talked in the same tone of voice all of the time. I became so focused on his tone that I was pulled away from the actual lesson plan. I wonder at times if it is because some teachers have a problem changing up their methods of teaching from year to year so it just becomes second nature to sound like a broken record.| At this point, you might think an effective teacher simply is one who has mastered all of the key behaviors and helping behaviors. But teaching involves more than knowledge of how to perform individual behaviors. (Pg.27)| I agree with this statement. I think some people believe teaching to be very task oriented, but to me the tasks only display retention,...
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