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Topics: Argumentative, Critical thinking, Logic Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: January 18, 2014
Dot Jot notes
The use of historical facts like the invention of the gunpowder, the reference to the “Phoenicians”, “the idea of 0” and other such facts play an essential role as these facts make the essay more attention-grabbing. Readers may feel interested in the essay because of the fascinating facts presented by the author. Moreover, using facts in the essay gives the reader the idea that the author is well aware of the topic and has credible and trustable information to offer. Using generalisation as a lead proves to be very effective as it grabs the reader’s attention. Also, the generalisation may help the reader connect to the essay as the reader may have a similar opinion as the author has mentioned. The use of generalisation as a lead hooks up the reader in the very beginning. Throughout the essay, the author has made use of diction. The word choice of the author reflects the author’s viewpoint about a certain issue. For example, the author writes “imposing their egos on powers too complex to be understood, too dangerous to be harnessed.” The diction in this sentence clearly lays emphasis on the complexity of the issue that the author is discussing. Also, the proper use of diction in the essay makes the author prove his argument more effectively as the words themselves will basically set a tone in the reader’s mind. Like in the sentence quoted, the diction helps to prove that technology can be dangerous and that is exactly what the author is trying to portray to the reader. The use of aphorisms in the essay not only make the essay more interesting but also make the reader revisit the main point or the argument that the author is proposing. For example, “New technologies force out the old.” This aphorism from the essay is not only a short, memorable statement, it is the argument that the author is trying to prove to the reader. Not only this, but another advantage of using an aphorism is that it is a memorable statement; that means that the reader...
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