Does Temperature of Kernels Affect Popcorn Yield?

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Does Temperature of Kernels Affect Popcorn Yield?
Project Design Plan
This experiment will attempt to determine if the temperature that popcorn kernels are stored at will affect the amount of un-popped kernels when using a hot air popcorn popper. Popcorn kernels contain moisture inside of them which, when heated, turns to steam and expands that in turn causes the kernel to explode. states that loss of moisture content can cause less yield amounts when popping popcorn (, 2014). Literature Review

Popcorn is a favorite snack for many. There have been many experiments done on popcorn to determine best brands, best popping method and best way to yield the most popped kernels among others. Larano compared popping results with kernels stored at different temperatures. She reported that kernels stored in the refrigerator or freezer had more un-popped kernels than those that were stored at room temperature (Larano, 2002). Boyd tested two different brands of microwave popcorn to determine which produced the least amount of un-popped kernels. While Boyd tested by popping popcorn in the microwave and using two different brands of popcorn, he did state two explanations for why popcorn kernels don’t pop. One is that there is an insufficient amount of moisture in the kernel and the other that there is a crack in the hull that allows steam to escape before building up enough pressure to cause the kernel to explode (Boyd, n.d.). This experiment will focus on the difference in storing kernels at room temperature and in the freezer on the amount of un-popped kernels produced with a hot air popper. Experimental Design Steps

Using popcorn kernels from a store brand bag of popcorn kernels (all kernels should come from the same bag): Using baggies (or jars or bowels or some similar container), make six separate groups containing 300 kernels each Place three of the groups in a freezer and leave the other three on the counter or in a cabinet at room...

Cited: Boyd, S. (n.d.). The jawbreakers of the popcorn industry. Retrieved from, M. (2002). Pop! Go the kernels. Retrieved from
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