Diversity Notes

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, Discrimination Pages: 8 (2453 words) Published: June 24, 2013
HRDV 5710- Diversity Notes for Mid-Term Exam
Change Model

Unfreezing of traditional ways and managing diversity: more acknowledgment of different dimensions of diversity, new legislation, a movement to value differences, growing opportunities to serve new global and domestic markets, and an awareness that diversity if valued and managed well can produce more motivated employees and a competitive advantage to the bottom line, that is the business case for diversity. Ex. changing the laws, rules, training, and demographic Change effort will happen only with solid diversity leadership both on the corporate and employee network group levels, assessment of diversity efforts, and effective training that changes individual attitudes and organizational cultures in terms of differences. Ex. Changing the old rules and regulations. The refreezing that results produces new ways of working, new policies and programs, community outreach to diverse populations, and assessment that leads to further strategic changes. Ex. Now there are new standards Diversity- the ways that people differ that affect their workplace experiences in terms of performance, motivation, communication and inclusion and the need for organizational strategies that address the diversity of the changing external environment such as customers, suppliers, and the community. Prejudice- preconceived evaluative attitude based on their social group memberships. Preconceived idea of how somebody is. (This is mental) Stereotypes- generalized beliefs that all members of a group possess the same characteristics that are the most problematic in the workforce. Stereo types are learned rather that innate and can be positive or neutral, as well as, negative. Discrimination- a behavior that occurs when members of a social identity group are treated unfairly or unequally, because of their group memberships. Showing action and your behavior towards a group of people. (This will get you sued.) Inclusion breakthrough- breaking out of the diversity-in-a-box model by changing the culture to one that not only values and supports the individual but also unleashes the power of diversity to change the organization and operationalize diversity as a competitive advantage. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race, color, national origin, religion, and sex) protects against employment discrimination. Dimensions of Social Groups Memberships

1. Primary- more permanent, less changeable, and usually more central to one’s self-perception. 2. Secondary- those differences that are more changeable and less viable. It is important to remember that people have multiple social identities. Loden’s Dimensions of Diversity|

Primary Dimensions| Geographic Location|
Age| Military and Work Experience|
Gender| Family Status|
Mental/Physical abilities| Income, Religion|
Race| First Language, Education|
Ethnic Heritage| Organization Role and Level|
Sexual Orientation| Communication and Work Styles|

Attribution- attempting to explain why someone does something. LGBT want to be just like the rest. Society is now being forced to become more tolerable. If you don’t abide, you will be sued. **There is NO specific “best practice” for diversity. Each organization is different and bringing different things. Essay

1. What is conflict? Conflict exists when two or more parties want the same thing or their wants are incompatible in some way. Conflict involves direct and active resistance to another and may involve judgments of good, bad, right, or wrong. Often conflict occurs more openly between managers who have a higher status than subordinates in resisting a point of view or directives of each other and top management.

2. How are emotions connected to conflict? Dealing with differences evokes emotions. A range of emotions for human interaction leads to awareness of differences, which leads to conflict. Emotions are connected to conflict because as...
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