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Circulatory Diseases

Directions: Complete the T-Chart Below. Select 10 diseases from this website: http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/organ/circulatory_system.htm

List the disease, and write a short summary of what the disease entails.

|Circulatory Disease |Disease Description | |Heart Disease |Heart disease involves the heart, and usually blood vessels. The different types of heart | | |disease have an impact on what all it involves specifically. | |Anemia |This disease means that too few red blood cells are in the blood. This affects the blood, | | |and essentially any organs that the blood affects. | |Heart Attack |This includes the heart, and the blood vessels from the heart. Arteries are also involved. | |Heart Failure |The muscle around the heart is what gets damaged. The lungs then suffer as well as the rest| | |of the body. | |Hypertension |Your blood vessels are involved because this is another term for high blood pressure. The | | |pressure in the blood vessels causes hypertension. | |Cerebral Arteriosclerosis |This disease directly affects the arteries. This happens when a blockage of the arteries | | |occurs to the brain. This causes the artery walls to harden. | |Portal Hypertension |This type of hypertension affects the veins. This is more associated with varices and...
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