Discussion Question 2: Week 1

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2a. How might you apply ethical philosophies and principles that summarize what you perceive to be the top five ethical issues challenging health care delivery today?

The healthcare industry is constantly facing challenges and pressures to deliver adequate care while making minimal mistakes. Healthcare systems general follow guidelines on the basis of; the prevention of disease outbreak, providing equal treatment for all patients, balancing profits with quality of care, patient confidentiality, and managing and respecting patient’s autonomy. A healthcare system’s failure in such challenges can result in malpractice lawsuits or not receiving reimbursements from insurance companies.

My experience of working within a healthcare industry makes me believe that we follow utilitarian principles striving for the greatest good for the greatest number while balancing the costs/benefits phenomenon. These principles present challenges for healthcare workers as every patient’s delivery in care in under-review from Quality Assurance committees. The hospital management must properly gauge the costs to providing adequate and equal care for all patients. Most hospitals require their nurses to make and properly document hourly rounds on their patients to insure safety and the prevention of pressure sores on bedridden or incontinent patients. In the instance that a patient does develop a skin breakdown while in the hospital the patients chart will be reviewed to determine if the hospital was a fault for these costly skin breakdowns.

The ethical boundaries of abortion have long been push and pulled. Natural law theorist view abortion as an unmoral action because of their beliefs that everyone should experience a fulfilling life. States have different rules and timeframes of when abortion is considered legal, but we’ve seen Catholic and Baptist hospitals refuse a patients wish of abortion. Situations like this and cases of physician-assisted suicide can create...
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