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Topics: Thing, Technology, Clock Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: February 6, 2013
“Thursday” is the film that really made me pause for a while. I myself sit in front of this lifeless creature, my computer, for most of my active time. During this time my little sisters move around telling me about the wonderful stories they have had during their school time, of which I pay little attention to. I think many people have already been facing with the imbalance between natural world and technological world.

I think the film was not debasing the marvelous use of tech in all prospects of our lives. It is saying that the expansion of tech is inevitable and also necessary. For example the security system, the virtual communication process shown and other stuff have really made life easier as well as organized. So tech is not a bane, its boon for us. And nowadays techs are designed be ‘natural’. As for example the alarm clock there has the sound of a chirping bird. These all have brought flexibility to life.

But as the people in the clip are using tech viciously, they forget to enjoy real life experience. The chirping of a real bird does not amuse them anymore. Oh I can recollect news I read earlier, in one station one of the finest violinist kept playing but was unnoticed by the entire passers-by. It is us, humans, who can bask into pleasing music, admire good book, laugh our hearts out on trifling things our friends say. These are what make us so different from those nonliving tech things. We should get the benefits from using technologies, but not forget what REALLY makes us happy.

In education, I can think of one thing- while introducing technologies in educational system, we should also focus on the experience of the people using it. Are they really getting benefitted? What should be done to help them maintain the balance between real world and virtual world? The thing is, the security system in the film denied to accept the person trying to enter, but the operator gave several tries to make it work. When I first started using computer,...
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