Disadvantages of Science

Topics: Science, Nature, Universe Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Disadvantages of Science
Science cannot explain many supernatural and super-civilization phenomena. For example, we often ask what it is out of our universe, and what it is out of that universe which is already out of our universe. When asking many times, we finally believe that the question must be explained based on philosophy knowledge. However, philosophy is more like a way of thinking, but not a specific method. Just like working out a math problem, philosophy is just an idea of solving, like normalization and infinitesimal. But only having idea cannot give out the answer after all, we need to use concrete formulas and at last work out the answer. But now, many super phenomena cannot be explained clearly with latter way: in a concrete way, but not only use philosophy. Review the history of human's science explorations; I found that mankind's science has two features: concrete and material. Our science is based on materials and matter of the world, from atoms to cosmos, all science aspects stick to them firmly; and our science is entirely concrete, all our scientific ideas must be shown in the forms of laws, rules or mathematical formulas. These two features have their own advantages, nevertheless, we have two admit they have been, and now are limiting human being's way of exploring natural world. Because many supernatural phenomena suggest that some things happened out of the way of logic of today's science. Only use our science based on concrete and material, they all seem to be disobey the laws of science. Because they are not fit in any formulas; in other words, sometimes science with formulas and laws cannot fit in changeable and unstable nature, which is called supernatural and super-civilization phenomena. Maybe this kind of natural thing has no formula to explain but also have their own rules? Consequently, there must be another type of subject, which is higher than science to explain super phenomena. And it is not based on laws or formulas, which...
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