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Diary Entry

By tiacastle Feb 26, 2013 366 Words
Diary entry
Dear diary,

It was my first day at the school today. It was a ridiculous school the students were crammed into small dark rooms with teachers that seemed very uneducated. The children were not much better. Many of the teachers at the school had a really bad teaching strategy and proceeded to teach the children by ramming tonnes of text books in their faces and hoping that they learn something from it. I feel rather sorry for these children forced to learn in a very old fashioned school away from the new teaching techniques of today. The Headmaster is a strange man and only seems to be interested in himself and how the school looks rather than the quality of education the students are getting. The so called headmaster wishes me to teach some boys history he believes these boys are ‘star pupils’ believe me they have a long way to go. They seem to me at the moment to be a group of boys that are very above their station and need to be put in their place they have got far to go if they want to get into universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. At the moment I am finding it hard to believe that the boys are worthy to go to such universities. This is what I am being employed for so good luck to them all I can think at the moment is that they don’t have much chance of getting there. The boys seem to be educated well by Hector a teacher who I believe is teaching the boys ‘General studies’ The headmaster believes that this subject is not that important for the boys to learn but after walking in on a lesson today I believe that however Hectors lessons may be somewhat strange they may be used to give them an edge when applying for Cambridge and Oxford. Dakin seems to be a clever lad and sometimes comes out with some good points however to many teachers he is only seen as the good looking boy of the class and I believe that there is more to him than that, and I intend to find out.

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