Dialectical Journal

Topics: English-language films, The Point, Bread Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: February 25, 2013
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“My husband’s not home, sir. Can I do anything?” -Antonia| Ántonia doesn’t recognize Jim. He has changed due to the business life and wondering away from his home, even though he wanted to keep things the same. Ántonia on the other hand did changed and grow, just like the land she lives on. It shows almost an Irony (diction trope) because he leaves Antonia saying he’ll return and she anticipates it, yet she’s the one that forgets him. | 214| “You ought to see the bread we bake on Wednesdays and Saturdays! It’s no wonder their poor papa can’t get rich, he has to buy so much sugar for us to preserve will. We have our own wheat ground for flour- but then there’s that much less to sell.” -Antonia| Antonia has shown advancements in her becoming accustomed to American ways. She was able to assimilate into the culture and keep her own culture under her breath in order to be successful in the area. She used the skill of labor to create a assiduous and prosperous family agriculturally, which might have caused Jim to think less of himself; no family and traveling over land rather than cultivating it. It shows the point of view of Antonia as being hard-working and a provider for her family, just as her family did for her.| 217| “Strange children, who meant nothing to me, were playing in the Harlings’ big yard when I passed… I hurried on.” -Jim| During Jim’s visit to his hometown, Black Hawk, he discusses the imagery- the towns children with new faces and how his town no longer was ripe with his joy, but was rather new and bitter like a banana at first pluck. It shows the cluelessness of the children playing in the yards of t | 237| Sydney Cerizo Dialectical Journal Day 5

3 Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways does Antonia’s inability to disguise Jim represent a connection to her own culture and background? 2. How does Jim’s mood in chapter three, starting with “My Day in Black Hawk was disappointing”, change near the...
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